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It's all about the PROBIOTICS

The first day I ate a forkful, I knew it was for real. I felt better within 12 hours. The living enzymes in the sauerkraut went to work and performed the impossible "clean out." I had no more heartburn, and I just had a feeling something good was happening to me, and its food! Fermented foods provide the benefits associated with the nutrients contained in the foods, of course, but additional benefits accrue from the transformation of the foods by live PROBIOTICS present at the time of consumption. Fermented foods have the ability, depending on the type of microbes involved in the process, to inhibit the growth of pathogens in the gut, improve digestibility and enhance vitamin absorption. Ever hear of LEAKY GUT? The condition that comes from being on antibiotics, eating processed foods and stress? Eating traditionally fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, CHOCOLATE, coffee, miso and others has been studied and associated with restoration of body systems as well as health benefits, such as weight maintenance, a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic support. While I am at it I may as well mention improved immunity due to the increase in nutrients absorbed, as well as the "clean out" EVERY DAY. There is also the connection to the brain from the gut. It is a vital connection. In other cultures they call the gut the first brain.  If your gut isn't in good condition, your brain won't function at its optimum. I believe fermented food is a trinity, of sorts. It gives life to our bodies, helps restore function to our organs and helps protect while assisting our internal functions. Fermented food conquers as it helps stop the process of bad bacteria damage. The good guys crowd out the bad. It rejuvenates with living probiotics and enzymes, helping heal the gut. It is like bag balm, coating everything with a soothing blanket of probiotics. My sister in law compares it to chicken noodle soup for your gut.

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